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Garlik to Qdos

Whilst checking my credit rating etc. using Garlik. I discovered the folks at Vodafone have me in default for £34 from May 2002. This I’m now disputing with them, since as far as I’m aware I paid of Singlepoint(4U) (who my contract was with) in July 2002.

Garlik are also getting into checking your digital presence /social software rating with their Qdos site.

Obviously I just had to fill it all in! You add your login name for all the social sites (no passwords required) that you frequent, including your own website.

Then it displays a fancy chart with your so called Q rating:-QDOS rating

As you can see my Q is 7346.  I score highly for activity. But pretty low for number of friends etc. and lets fce it with a name like Geoff Jones and blogging very low for individuality 🙁

You also get the opportunity to compare yourself with other groups, I chose bloggers :-).

The guys at Qdos obviously need to do some work on the algorithm as they rate me higher than Jeff Jarvis (Q7290) and Matt Cutts of Google (Q6530) Matt only today, did a post about his 1.5million visitors last year!  and even Robert Scoble with his maxed out thousands of members on dozens of social networking sites is only at Q8297.  The top blogger is apparently Rob Malda founder of /. with a Q11,199

They claim “At Garlik, we’ve analysed the digital profiles of the nation and have made available a QDOS score for every UK adult”.

Lets hope it doesn’t get used for anything to serious at the moment.