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UK Drivers look the other way…..

Whilst on my walk from Nicks offices in Media City. I came across a filling station:-

Petrol prices

That is at the exchange rate today:-

6.25 AED


0.834319 GBP

United Arab Emirates Dirhams United Kingdom Pounds
1 AED = 0.133491 GBP 1 GBP = 7.49114 AED

or about 83 pence per gallon, Nick says, don’t forget about the free window cleaning and that you don’t have to get out of the car to get it filled up.
Office viewI guess that’s why he has a gas guzzling  Jeep Wrangler.

Here is a view from his office window, with his view of the Persian Gulf, beache and the One and Only resort .(apologies the link is to a crappy flash site 🙁 )

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  1. You just made me sick… filled my little Clio up today and it cost £36 , it used to be around £30 and that will only last me a week…
    BTW what a cool jeep nick has… will have to book myself a ride in that sometime 🙂

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