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Geoff’s Twitter Updates for 2007-12-12

  • Off to Emirates Mall whilst Isla at nursery.. #
  • good luck to sally on her way to fame at radio Norfolk 🙂 #
  • She proceeded to go into one of her screaming fits. Nick and I ejected and went to berts cafe #
  • Wonder when Sally is on Radio Norfolk – currently a gardening programme on! #
  • Still gardening talking about plump bulbs! #
  • Sally had her 10minutes of fame on radio Norfolk – she did really well – all recorded as an mp3 in Dubai 🙂 #
  • Here is the link to sally talking on the radio #
  • Oops a daisy the link to sallys radio appearance is at #
  • @annie2000 Hopefully we will have better version up later – without the 1min hisses #

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