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This Little Piggy….

Geoff & NickCurrently I’m in Dubai visiting my eldest boy, Nick and the youngest member of the Jones clan little Isla and of cause Nicks wife Mia.

I seem to be getting on OK with Isla who can be quite tetchy, especially if strangers touch her!This little piggy...

Here I am playing This little piggy with her toes, quite a feat for an out of town visitor – I’m assured by her parents!  On Wednesday she is 3 so the terrible two’s should be left behind 🙂

Since both of her parents are web designers, Isla is pretty unique in that she has her own blog (family viewing only) which has been regularly updated since she was -6months or so old. This is a great way for her extended family to keep in touch with her. Will be interesting to see when she does her first unaided post!

Nighttime constructionTonight Nick and I went out to The Budda bar – pretty impressive place where the nut bowls are continually replaced with full ones, although at 4 UKP for a Corona beer I guess they should be 🙂

On the way back you can see all the construction sites working through the night. This is a pretty good shot of yet another skyscraper going up 24/7. To see all my Dubai images head over to flickr

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  1. How could Isla not like you… what a great Grandad you are !!
    Great pic of you and nick too
    Glad you having such a great time x

  2. It is not sunny back in Cambridge but it is full of Christmas cheer! We went to a wonderful carol service in Ely Cathedral. When will the granddaughter be in the picture at the top of the blog…….

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