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Three strikes and you are in….

Fred did an interesting post on Zemanta “One of my favorite VC quotes comes from Bill Kaiser of Greylock. He once said, “when I hear about a company once, I often ignore it, when I hear about it twice, I pay attention, when I hear about it for the third time, I take a meeting”…. ” Zemanta is a blogging tool plugin that provides a set of advanced services for finding related content (photos and related posts). It also provides something I’ve wanted for a long time, a way to do a tumblr style reblog in typepad.”
Zemata edit screen

So I downloaded the self hosted WordPress plugin. This puts an attractive column alongside the main editing screen in WP . Every 300 characters it displays new links and images based on the words you type. As well as filling in your tags and link fields.

Not entirely clear what relevance the image of a young geisha writing a blog is! or a large building in Sacramento!

The links and tags seem better.

There are also options for entering in your amazon affiliates name. So I guess if you recommend a book like Black Swan it will automatically add my affilate name.

Thats way cool, by adding the words “black swan” to this post , suddenly images of them appeared in the side bar!Image via Wikipedia

Sorry for the pun I know in California its three strikes and you are in prison!