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A lovely of Ellee’s

My star blogging protege Ellee is really riding high. Here are some comments culled from the internet today:-

Paul Newman 43 year old Islington resident and London Conservative Mayor hopeful writes his thoughts and says:-

4 Ellee- I sometimes find Elee a bit alarmingly left wing…well compared to me anyway!! . She does like her environmental issues and is nice to everyone ,which I cannot be. I love her blog though . She is more journalistic in style able to present issues clearly with depth balance and always a pleasure to read. There is a sort of calm and good nature about her that is a welcome change form the over heated atmosphere of virtual shouting .
It seems astonishing that you are not required to pay for her posts which are limpid pools of sense with wonderfully presented supporting information.

and from Jeremy Jacobs we get this collective noun – a lovely of ellee’s

Gazing into my crystal ball I think Ellee is in for a good year, although my other protege, Sally, is doing rather well too.

Reader Comments

  1. Geoff, I am amazed by all these wonderful comments, it makes me blush. And yes, Sally is doing a great job too, you are a great example for us.

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