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Pennine Way – First 100 miles

Today I passed the 100mile mark whilst dropping down into Hawes. I now only 155 miles to go. George appeared at the cafe and whisked me off to Kendal and some fine cooking and shoulder massage. His wife Jacqui (A professional podiatrist) also introduced me to to the wonders of Hapla Fleecy Web (made by Cuxson & Gerrard but don’t bother clicking it) for fixing blisters, hopefully that should cure the small blister that appeared on my right heel a couple of days ago.

Tomorrow is a short day to Keld, where I will meet up with Chris again and then its several days of 20+ miles culminating in the grand finale next Wednesday with a 25mile dash across the Cheviots.

The story so far is:-
Day 1 – Edale to Crowden 13.2 miles (5%) 37,606 steps in just under 8 hours. Fine clear
Day 2 – Crowden to Torside 11 miles (9%) 29,029 steps in just over 6 hours. Fine clear
Day 3 – Torside to Colden 16.6 miles (16%) 35,763 steps in 6.5 hours. Fine sunny
Day 4 – Colden to Cowling 15.2 miles (22%) 28,385 steps in just under 6 hours. Fine
Day 5 – Cowling to Malham 17.7 miles (29%) 31,186 steps in 7 hours 20 mins. Showers
Day 6 – Malham to Horton 13.3 miles (34%) 33,293 steps in 6 hours Windy Showers
Day 7 – Horton to Hawes 14 miles (40%) 24,679 steps in 5 hours Fine to sunny

I’ve been taking pictures with the Treo every hour but cannot p[ut them up yet 🙁

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  1. Very impressive, glad you had those practise walks to my house from Cambridge. And a bit of tekkie stuff thrown in too, excellent.

    Enjoy the rest of the walk.

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