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The Pennine Way first couple of days

Made it to Malham and many thanks to Simon the owner of Beck Hall B&B who has loaned me this laptop so I can do an entry.

Wed 26 April 2006
Caught train from Cambridge to Edale a pretty good service leaving at 15.10 and arriving at 19.47. Stayed at The Rambler Country House Hotel not very impressive but OKish (but do avoid in the summer seeing the vast armada of tables in the garden). However their inepitude at breakfast worked to my advantage, see below.

Thurs 27th April
Went down to breakfast for 8am to find a fellow walker bemoaning the fact that the staff were still asleep and that someone was trying to rowse them. Turned out that he was a fellow Pennine Way traveller called Chris Lloyd. We got chatting and decided to set of together once the staff had sorted out breakfast (mainly as Chris wanted his picture taken at the start). We got under way at 9.30. We both seemed to go at a similar pace and discovered we had both booked into the same b&b the next night too, so we stayed together crossing Kinder and Bleaklow. At Bleaklow Head I did my usual trick of taking a wrong path 🙁 However, Chris’s old GPS quickly sorted us out!)
We arrived at The Old House, Torside at 5pm having walked 13.5 miles of the PW plus a mile or so extra. The weather was good with the going mainly dry the paved sections really helping compared to the bogs 41 years ago. Having washed and changed, Joanna drove us to The Peel Arms in Padfield for an excellent dinner and beer with gorgeous sticky toffee pudding. Padtax (01457862321) took as back for a fiver. The Old House was good and Joanne is a very friendly hostess.

Friday 28th April

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  1. Nice work! Malham had to be one of my favourite stops on the way. I made the mistake and Bleakhead to! Although no GPS…took ages to sort the mess out. Thanks for the recomendation, I shall definatly look into it.


  2. I’m really impressed. My walks with the Ramblers’ is so tame compared to this.

    But if you want to join us next Wed for a 5 mile stroll, you are very welcome, I am the leader and have a couple of suprises lined up.

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