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Dignified Final ride

Whilst returning in a taxi from the Radio5 blogging event last night (Blimey: £21 from Fulham to Kings Cross!)

The taxi driver and I couldnt resist a smile at this:-

Dignified Final ride

Its a motorcycle sidecar made into a hearst operated by Motorcycle Funerals A cool idea for a niche market (The motorcycle registration had the letters RUT in it).

I notice from the official UK statistics site that 693 motorcyclists were killed in road accidents in 2003 out of 3508 total road related deaths. So I guess they could be busy.

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  1. whilst travelling back from Cornwall on sat 28th october 2006 we saw a dignified last ride car or what looked like a carrier for a light air craft. Was also amused and thought I would have a look and found you.

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