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Pub head & shoulder massage’s by Urban Chill

Urban Chill working out on  Lloyd Davis,

Whilst at the Radio5 blogging event last night at the The Sofa So Bar,515 Fulham Road, London,SW6 1HD. Tammie and her friend offered to do 5minute back rubs and head massages. A very neat idea and well executed except for a couple of niggles.
a) They dont have a price – you pay what you feel like. I personally hate that. The going rate for these sort of massages seems to be about £1 per minute or in the USA $1 per minute. Better to say its a fiver.
b) Their website is the most annoying flash creation ever so if you want their details Urban Chill back rub people can be found at 0800 731 6129 not sure what regions they cover etc etc (Yep it should be on the website or their blog!) but I was in Fulham London

:// urban chill //: the five minute head & shoulder massage company.

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  1. Pub head & shoulder massage’s by Urban Chill

    Given that “massage’s” is in the genitive case (i.e. of the massage; belonging to the massage) I can only assume that “Pub head and shoulder massage” is a person and “by Urban Chill” is its object.

    i.e. “The massage’s benefits are numerous” or “The massage’s little wife is overtly debauched”

    See why you don’t need the extra apostrophe?

    (Still don’t get it? – the plural of massage is massages; just add an s, there is no apostrophe!)

  2. Your price is accurate, at least from my experience. Normally about $10 gets you a massage for 10-12 minutes in Dallas. Nice article!

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