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My coming of age parties…

On Saturday July 28th I finally come off age. That is the age when you get free bus tickets, 30% of rail travel and 10% of ski passes.

Everyone is welcome to join me at one or more of the following places on the big day.

09:00 In line at Cambridge railway station to collect my pass 🙂

10:30 Swimming at Jesus Green followed by celebratory drink.

11:30 Walk to Grantchester and lunch at The Orchard

15:00 Punting on upper river (weather permitting).

19:30 See Taming of the Shrew in the gardens of St Johns College (Queens Road entrance).

22.30 Drinks at my place.

I’m not sure when THE cake will appear 🙂

No presents please only your presence..

Please leave a comment here or text/call me on 0797 1428715 if you might be coming to any of the events.

Reader Comments

  1. Geoff, I’d love to join you for the walk, lunch, punt etc. What is the situation regarding car parking outside your house for the day?

  2. Ellee, on Saturday you can park in the office car park at the back of the house. Turn into Cambridge Place by Domino’s Pizza place – or let the train take the strain..

  3. Wow, I am starting to love this country more and more! They hand out free bus passes when you turn 40??!!!! Fantastic! I look forward to seeing you at one of the stages of that great day. Caren xx

  4. Geoff, thanks for the invitation. I’d love to join you for the swimming (unless its horribly cold) and maybe for the Shakespeare (I’ll investigate) and party afterwards. I’ll try to get Hephzibah to come to either or both.

  5. I’d love to, Geoff but sadly must decline due to geographical location. Have a wonderful time and many happy returns.

  6. Geoff, definitely count Stephen and I in for the Shakespeare.

    Don’t forget it’s his 50th the night before and we would so love it if you and Sally could come to his party. His band will be playing so you can dance the night away, I know you’ll have heaps of fun.

  7. Over 60 – then when do we get to play bingo – only joking. Would love to join you for the walk and lunch.

  8. I would of loved to have been there to meet you but unfortunately not possible…but I hope you have a fantastic birthday. I’m sure you will. :-). Of all the weekends for you to disappear to Malta it had to be this one. I am in Cambridge tomorrow for my nieces 21st birthday. But a great country you have gone to and one very close to my heart…my father and his family came from Malta, Hamrun near Valetta.

  9. All looks good – apart from the swim which I think I’ll miss.

    I’ll get my own Shakespeare ticket – hmm – I saw that fairly recently… –

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