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Ryanair now offering to pay you £1 each way when flying with them. sounds a bit dodgy to me.

When I booked St Etienne flight on 14th Nov. 2003 I paid £0.96 for the flights. UK air duty was shown at £10 and airport tax was £10 making a total of £40.96 for two people return.

For the same flight booking today. Total cost is now £55.12 with flights reduced to £0.20. Taxes on way out now; £12.80 for PSC – Non refundable, £3.72 insurance levy, £8.00 UK air duty; on way back a government tax of £17.22 an airport tax of £9.62 and a consistent insurance levy of 3.72.

Making total taxes, fees and charges at £55.08, flights at £0.40.

Interestingly the site shows flights at £0.01 but actually charges £0.10!

Neer mind I suppose its still very cheap – but it would be better if they were a bit more straightforward.