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Here is a site explaining the UK Air Passenger Duty which they are at pains to point out is not a tax but an excise duty (interesting tautology here, I guess it means that Tony can stand up for lower taxes somehow). The amount is £5 to the EU and Swiss airports where the passenger can exit into France (eg Geneva). Its only charged on outward flights.

The PSC is a passenger service charge levied by the airport (Ticket code UB) all the rates are here. For Stansted where Ryanair flies from its £4.40 for departing flights. Gatwick its £6.80, Luton it’s £8.00 (Stelios was right!). Appears, for these airports, to be only charged on outward flights.

The airline insurance levy was introduced after 911. It varies between airlines. According to Ryanair they say here that they will charge $3 per passenger trip. That is about £2 per person per way. This is an amount set by the airline NOT by an insurance company. eg for Ryanairs latest figures of 19,232,788 passengers it means the insurance levy has raised about £40m. Interestingly the annual report fails to break out the cost of insurance. My guess it comes under “other costs” total in 2003 annual report was 59m Euro about £39m this includes all admin costs as well. surprisingly for such an emotive issue the amount is not shown as an amount.

Now need to find charges levied by French.

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