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Started receiving spam sms messages on the new Orange number, asking me to call a premium rate number 090-640-7077 ref BX57FT to claim a £2000 bonus prize. Filed a complaint with the regulator here ICSTIS After visiting this excellent site for grumbling on.

17-11-03 Another spam SMS this time:-

URGENT!: Your Mobile No. was awarded a £2,000 Bonus Caller Prize on 02/09/03! This is our 2nd attempt to contact YOU! Call 0871-872-9755 BOX95QU Filed another complaint

18-11-03 I emailed my phone supplier at they came back with “I don’t know who/where this company SMS-ing you got your details from. We have had a couple of similar queries to this in the past few days, but they may not be related“. Need to check with my friends who also got phones from them to see if it is there database thats been hacked or Oranges.