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The next little ride.

Last time as Miss Jones

With Emily’s wedding, even though I say it myself, successfully completed last Saturday I’m now free to do a decent autumn ride  in this brilliant weather.

I’ve never been to Ibiza, which is very surprising given my love of trance music and equally I’ve never done the Channel Islands especially Jersey.

So I’m thinking of biking down to Weymouth catching the ferry to Jersey, circumnavigating the island then getting the ferry to St Malo. followed by biking down the West coast of France to the Pyrenees and over to Spain. Once in Spain I intend to cross over to the Mediterranean coast and  bike down to Denia to get the ferry to Ibiza. Sam reckons the clubs are still open so I could do an all nighter or two followed by a bike around the island.

If I’m still fit and have time I would love to bike onto Tarifa and get the ferry to Morocco and do a bit of biking along the Moroccan coast 🙂 returning on a flight to Stansted.

Nothing booked, of cause, except for staying with Emily on my way down to Weymouth.

The Dawes Galaxy is getting an overall at Kingsway bikes with the obligatory new cassette and chain before any ride.

Simon has welded up my accessory bracket that cunningly attaches to the Rixen Kaul bar bag.

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The first part to Weymouth is here just over 200 miles and just over a mile of ascent.

From St Malo to the port of Denia the route is here just under a 1000 miles and well over 5 miles of climbing 🙂

Denia to the port of Tarifa for Morocco is another 500 miles and 4 miles of climbing.

Will be interesting to see how far I get especially as some days I struggle to get over Elizabeth Way bridge 🙁

Cycling again after 40 years……

Its been in my head for a long time to cycle down through France, in fact checking my Quicken I can see that I treated myself to a new bike for £669.98p for my birthday 10 years ago! A bike that has not been used for over 9 years ……

Finally I’ve decided to bike to my ski apartment in Les Gets, not in the winter season 🙂 but in the next few weeks. As the crow flies its 800km or about 500miles. After enduring Peruvian and Ecuadorian driving for the past few weeks I’m pretty well OK with roads now…..

The bike is booked into Howes, on my birthday, in a couple of weeks, to get it into shape, in the mean time I thought I would get myself into shape by doing a bit of training. Here’s today little ride of 21.5 miles cycled at 12.5mph so not bad as a starter 🙂

Watlington to Gayton bike ride

Widget powered by EveryTrail: Share GPS Tracks>Watlington to Gayton bike ride

Blackpool to Edinburgh
Les gets
Dover to Les Gets

In my youth my longest ride in a day (I was about 17/18)was the 200miles from Blackpool to Edinburgh and doing 100mile days was pretty normal at the weekends,  so lets see if the leg muscles have weakened with age.

Personal website values

Another site for checking the predicted monetary value of your website over at WebValuer. Here are the results for GeoffJones:-

Cool to see I’ve had the site for over 10 years now and interesting to see there seems to be a slight upward trend in visitors. At $7.74 a day I’m not going to get rich by on-site advertisements.

However, the site is very effective for renting out my ski apartment in the centre of Les Gets in the  Portes de Soleil ski region in France & Switzerland. All of my bookings in the past 5 years have come from the page I created here.

Thanks to Makeuseof for the first link.

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