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Apple screws it up.

MacBook Oct 2008
MacBook Oct 2008

In the beautifully illustrated tear down of the new MacBook at iFixit there is the discovery that the new MacBook contains an astounding 96 screws of which 56 hold down the keyboard. It must be an assemblers / BOM nightmare with 13 different types of screw mentioned in the break down. Plus it must add to the machining costs all those blind tapped holes in the casing. Lets hope the poor Chinese women don’t strike for better wages 🙁

Just had a play with one in the Apple store here in Cambridge. I found the new mouse pad quite hard to use as the downwards force to activate the switch seems quite hard, obviously designed that way to stop inadverent pressing when using the glide pad.

The machine does look beautiful though. 🙂

iPhone external battery test run

Tomorrow is the big day for trialling my new external iPhone battery pack, that I recently purchased with the gift voucher that Euan gave me for loaning him my old iPhone 🙂

iPhone with external battery pack

I will be at Be2Camp 2008 during the day and then, hopefully, meeting up with Annie Mole at the Photography.Book.Now London Meet-up in the evening plus the rail journey both ways. An impossible challenge for the standard iPhone, especially with all the calls and emails going on about the office and house sales 🙂

The story so far is that the pack makes the iPhone increase in weight from 134gm to 246gm and in size from 115 X 60 X 10mm to 130 X 65 X 26mm.

The pack is rated at 2200mAH the internal battery appears to be 1400mAH

Worst problem so far is that the external battery total blocks the camera! So, to take pictures I will have to remove it from the pack. The pack doesn’t seem to charge the iPhone on its own, charging only takes place when the unit is plugged in.

Lets hope the phone doesn’t get into its toasting mode, where the internal battery is depleted in 30mins or so, with the pack in place it will probably burn an hole in my trousers!


The unit worked well, once I had discovered the small button next to the LED 🙂 I survived a whole 12 hours of intensive surfing, twittering, picture taking (alas no music as I had lost the earpods) in London and still had some power left once home. It can work as a iPhone mini base station charger so you can still use the iPhone as normal then just plug in to recharge or use it in the battery pack. Seemingly a good buy! so far

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iPhone simple If found screen

iPhone front screen

I created myself a simple & neat ‘if found’ or ICE (In case of emergency) front screen on the iphone.

I used a regular photo which I over printed with my details using Skitch. I then uploaded it to the iphone by creating an album for the image which I synchronized . Once on the iPhone selecting the Use as Wallpaper option (the little arrow in the left corner when you click on the image), converts the image for the front screen. Seems to work quite well 🙂

MegaPhone & iPhone

MegaPhone screenshot

MegaPhone from Ecamm networks is a very neat little application for the Mac and iPhone. You can now store and read all yout sms texts on the MAC as well as storing all your call data. A big plus for us ex Treo users is that at last you can store, create  and add memo’s (notes) on the iPhone. Another useful facility is that you can use the iPhone as a memory stick. (As long as you have megaphone on all your computers).

On the screenshot you can see that I have kept 544 text messages since I got the phone on the 10th Nov 2007.

A very handy bit of software for a tenner.