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Plastic Logic display and Apple?

A thought occurred to me after reading this Twitter from Mark Littlewood.

What if Cambridge based Plastic Logic’s new screen is going to be the display for the often rumoured Apple Tablet?

With investors pumping 250 million dollars or so it would seem to me that they might have a big company ready to start taking their production 🙂 and the display is certainly sexy enough:-

Here is a youtube video of the display in action!

It would certainly kill all other Netbook devices on the market!

3G IPhone crack

Oh dear my 3G IPhone is starting to crack up:-

3G IPhone Crack

The crack is about 12mm (1/2″ long) starting from the 3.5mm headphone connector.

I have an appointment to see a Genius in the Cambridge Apple store in a short while….

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Update: Apple replaced the phone FOC – Excellent service from the Cambridge UK store 🙂

Autumnal Observations

A few notes from my walk around Cambridge today. The guy I know who runs a tiling warehouse store (I was his first customer 15 years ago) said the bottom just fell out of his market 3 weeks ago. He is a loyal Barclays customer with a 40K overdraft, without warning or for any reason they suddenly decided they want him to pay 11% for his overdraft! Impossible for him to change banks, the other banks are not taking on new business customers!

The gym I joined , to get a decent clean swimming pool, gave me 15months membership for the price of 11 plus I got loads of visitor passes for Sally to use. The gym seemed very busy.

The queues at the tills in White Stuff for their midseason sale where humungous and the shop was heaving.

The outdoor shop Open Air was totally deserted…

The Apple store was packed, as usual.

The streets were busy with the new students and it is a glorious autumnal day.

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Apple screws it up.

MacBook Oct 2008
MacBook Oct 2008

In the beautifully illustrated tear down of the new MacBook at iFixit there is the discovery that the new MacBook contains an astounding 96 screws of which 56 hold down the keyboard. It must be an assemblers / BOM nightmare with 13 different types of screw mentioned in the break down. Plus it must add to the machining costs all those blind tapped holes in the casing. Lets hope the poor Chinese women don’t strike for better wages 🙁

Just had a play with one in the Apple store here in Cambridge. I found the new mouse pad quite hard to use as the downwards force to activate the switch seems quite hard, obviously designed that way to stop inadverent pressing when using the glide pad.

The machine does look beautiful though. 🙂