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Latest wordpress blogger..

Happy Christmas to all and especially to the latest blogger Emily 🙂 She can be found at the great url

In this piccy you can see Em with her premature 18th birthday present which has been christened her baby. According to Fortune its Amazon’s bestselling computer this Christmas yep its the Apple 13″ MacBook.

I wonder if she will take to blogging as well as Sally who is celebrating her first anniversary of blogging over at

In the first 12 months Sally has written 444 posts garnered 1310 real comments and 22,198 comments deleted by Akismet. A pretty impressive achievement.

Phrowser news

Doc Searls coined this rather cool new word


in his post on the phone browser

I just googled the word and as of now there are 6 entries


Will be interesting to see if the word catches on like Podcasting did (coined by Ben Hammersley).

I certainly agree that the iPhone has transformed mobile web browsing and email reading especially for oldies like Doc (He is one day younger than I) and myself. The large clear text is a delight to read and represents the main reason for keeping the iPhone over the Treo.

Transferring contacts into your iPhone

Nick transferring contactsSo you have bought your new unlocked iPhone from the local Indian market trader in Dubai for 2900 Drm ( 386 UKP) and now you want to transfer your old SIM card contacts to the iPhone contact book. Is there a neat utility (like on the Treo’s) to do this?

Nope! you need the waitress to give you her pen and pad and do it like Nick using the iHand© method.

You cannot bluetooth/email contacts either or receive contacts by bluetooth in fact the iphone is missing loads of features that I loved on the Treo. However, what it does it does exceedingly well and maybe the other features will arrive in time 🙂

Update: Apparently at Macworld on 14 Jan 2008 this fone2phone will be released