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Art of the book

Firstly a disclaimer – Mia is my eldest sons wife 🙂 so this post might be biased a little 🙂

Mia does the most amazing bookbinding ever (this is NOT bookbinding as the normal person would imagine), in fact, it is more to do with sculpture as in 3D works of art. She produces the most original books, scrolls etc imaginable. They are exactly the type of objects that will become family heirlooms, so would be ideal as wedding, baby books for the sort of people who appreciate fine art and don’t mind spending the sort of money for a truly unique item. They would make an ideal special gift for that unique person in your life.

Mia has won numerous international exhibitions and had her work displayed at The British Library, London (2005 The Designer Bookbinders annual competition, 1st prize ) plus numerous other exhibitions

To see amazing examples of her work visit her new website. Leijonstedt – commission handmade books, custom-made anniversary gifts, wedding books and collector bookbindings

This is another example, the photo doesn’t really do it justice, of my sixtieth birthday present from Mia, Nick & Isla 🙂