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Do I or Don’t I?

I have this set of magnificent maps and guides all in German of The Rhine cycle route. The question is at 1kg do I take them tomorrow? The route is in my GPS and on my Eee ( the iPad is staying at home since it’s incapable of syncing the Etrex and geotagging my camera 🙁 )

So I should be OK but then…. >

this is also an experiment in posting via another Posterous account I’ve set up.

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  1. Well if you can get away with not taking them , I am sure that is the better option.. .. I love Germany, especially down in the Blackforest area .. we were there last year. Also went to Le Rhin..
    stood on a bridge, one foot in France the other in Germany .. !

  2. so hard to decide ..if you take them you wont use them …if you don't take them you will wish you had.

    so if you have room take them just in case 🙂 Anyway i am here if you want any info looking up 🙂

    Main thing is to enjoy and look forward to that massage when you get home 🙂

  3. A massage will certainly be very welcome 🙂 If you aren't fully booked by then with all your new clients!

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