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Circular walk Haverhill and Kedlington

Today the  Cambridge Rambling Club A team were out in force! 17 of us left Haverhill Sports centre to do a 15mile circular walk in brilliant sunshine but cold conditions. The hughlight was a visit to the church of St Peter and St Paul at Kedlington (No wikipedia entry) which still boasts all the original boxed in pews, which reminded me of pig pens! the larger ones of horse mangers, apparently the gallery was constructed so the serfs could be hidden from view. It also still has the hour sand glass and wig holder for the sermons.

The walk can be found on Everytrail and also Sally has a post on the walk too!:-

Haverhill to Kedlington circular walk

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  1. Geoff, I did my 11 mile walk yesterday around Thetford and tried using EveryTrail for the first time. I succeeded in learning how to use it, but my battery died on me. How do I overcome that problem for next time?

  2. it was good to be out walking again especially on such a sunny day….. hoping we can get a few days walking when i have my holidays soon 🙂 Maybe you should do a wiki on the church 🙂 x

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