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Bringing up the rear

Today’s walk was a very modest 10 miler with the B team of Cambridge Rambling Club. 22 of us departed from The Green Man PH , allegedly in Shepreth but actually just outside Melbourn. We had two outstanding  bloggers  Ellee & Sally with us as well 🙂

I was designated the back marker, which was interesting for me. I realised for the first time that the back marker actually sets the pace whereas the leader sets the direction. Also, a good lesson learnt is how crucial it is that the leader makes sure they can always see the back marker!

The pace was at 2.6mph compared to the A teams 3mph+ the other difference is the B team spend substanially longer in the pub at lunchtime. The overall result is that in the same time we did 18miles last week we did 10miles this week.

Given the leisurely pace and been on my own at the rear, I was able to play with the latest 3.1 release of Everytrail for the iPhone. It has to be said its a real corker! works exceptionally well, even handling incoming phone calls without crashing. Plus talking pictures and annotating them is a breeze. A really cool feature is that it continues to work with the screen off and in the breast pocket of my jacket. The uploaded trail is here:-

Snowdrop Walk

Map your trip with EveryTrail

I also plotted the trip using my conventional GPS and camera. These are up on Everytrail too. The morning walk around Meldreth is here . The afternoon walk with the twitchers at Fowlmere nature reserve is here.

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