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My top iPhone plugins.

My very good friend Michael, who has such a way with words, today emailed me “I’ve just requested a PAC from Orange so I am heading inexorably toward an iPhone. You will have to recommend 10 must have apps.”

So here are my favourite apps. (Skewed towards travelling) – In no particular order…


Skype  – Great when travelling to avoid the stupid O2 roaming fees and those £1 for 1 second calls because the folks you are calling aren’t at home.

WifiTrak – Essential when travelling to find those open networks and to move around to get highest signal strength – warning it eats the battery!

Brightkite – finds out where you are and Twitters it – note that the iPhone GPS only seems to work if there is a cellphone signal 🙁

SOStorch – converts the iphone to a torch, neat for those midnight soirees to the GOT (Great outside Toilet)

AroundMe – Great if you need to know the  nearest Apple store is 3.500 miles away! or that the hospital is around the corner!

Bloomberg – so you can keep track of your stocks and see how much money you are losing or gaining.

Currency – great for checking out exactly how many Bolivars there are to the pound or if the local dealer is ripping you off.

Facebook – so you can see what your friends are up to and where you should be heading next.

BP Tracker – Not so handy when travelling but good for home so you can see how stressed and unhealthy you are.

Google – quick access to all your google stuff.

TwitterFon – My favourite twitter client – has neat way of displaying which Twitter folks are replying too..

Fatwatch – Another home based app. pretty cool at generating nice graphs like this.

DualLevel – Handy for checking out that the buildings actually are leaning by 5 degrees although I forgot to measure how steep the Inca staircases actually are.

DailyMug – take a picture of yourself every day – pretty neat – my series is here.

NewsUk Lite – Akin to walking past a newsagents stand and glimpsing at the headlines – all you really need to know about what is happening.

WordPress – ideal for posting blog entries, OK I never used it, whilst away 🙁

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