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3G iPhone first day..

Today was the 3G Iphone release day. I upgraded my old iphone contract for £99 plus £35 a month for 18months for which I get 600 any time minutes and 500 texts per month plus unlimited data.

My main reason for upgrading was to get the GPS function.

Although now I have it, it isn’t clear to me that it isn’t some interpolation method from cell towers 🙁 I’m where the blue dot on the screenshot is (thats a neat trick press the Home and on/off buttons together for a screenshot) its about 10 yards out 🙂

What I was really hoping for is that my pictures would be geotagged, the camera does indeed ask for permission to use the location information but it isn’t clear what it does with it!

A bit annoying to discover that they don’t even use the cell information, let alone GPS satellites, to update the actual real time clock! i was on Cupertino time for most of the day.

I’ve tried a couple of applications;-WeightTrack only works in pounds and is not a patch on Eatwatch

I also tried the Facebook application which allows you to add camera images and update your feed it however caused oneof the biggest crashes of the day.

Here is todays 3G iPhone crash report to Apple:-

Which is a good deal longer than any in the last 6 months with the 2.5G version! Oh and its needing a major recharge to get me through the evening!

The contact search is excellent but still can’t see how to cut and paste or even how to add a contact to bluetooth or add to a text message, so its still way behind the Treo in nice business features. ( I guess it shows the insular nature of Apple).

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  1. Congrats on getting the iPhone, Geoff. I heard there wasn’t any cut&paste (but watch the App Store in case someone can get that working). Surprised to read about the lack of business apps, but it is only day 1. I look forward to reading your blog for updates.

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