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80 mile bike ride at 8 years old

I wonder how many 8 year old kids would do this trip these days:-

8 year old cycle tour in the Peak District – Widget powered by: EveryTrail

We did it as a family of 5 with me being the youngest at 8 years old. 85 miles or so through some of the hilliest countryside in the UK. You can see photographs of Overton Hall YHA on my flickr account.

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  1. Amazing… I expect a lot has changed since then .. roads busier , gears on bikes 🙂 and parents too busy to enjoy this kind of leisure and kids preferring ipads playstations etc etc

  2. A dad and his daughter came into my friends Ceramic shop the other day , and they are going on a cycling holiday , she loves cycling , and she is 7/8 .. and I will say that quite a few children do not have bikes.. nor do their parents.

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