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Geoff the lazy so & so

 Ellee sent me the link to the Texperts tonight, these are folks who you can text any question too 66000  and get an answer.

They have a challenge quiz to see if you are suitable as someone to work with them.  Here are my results:-

Category Percentage Pass
General Knowledge – Music 40.00 Fail
General Knowledge – Science & Technology 80.00 Pass
General Knowledge – UK Geography 60.00 Fail
The Basics – Fun With Numbers 80.00 Pass
The Basics – Speakin’ the Queen’s 75.00 Pass
Read It and Weep 68.75 Fail

We’ve tallied your scores and it is official: you are a Lazy So & So. Your brain doesn’t hurt too much right now because you never switched it on. You have beaten the Class Dunce but have a long way to go until you make Gold Star Texpert status. You’ve definitely got ability, though, so freshen up and have another go.

You have been unsuccessful.

So the same as my school reports – lazy must try harder 🙂

Have a go and leave a comment.

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