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Following in the wake of Hereward

The Wednesday Walk this week was from Ely to March on The Hereward Way (I now know why he was called Hereward The Wake – obviously because he had to wade or boat through all the fens leaving a wake behind him!). This also is part of the E2 connecting The Fen Rivers Way to The Nene Valley Way

Just look at this elevation profile. The first spot is near Ely cathedral  at 20 metres above sea level the next is Little Downham at 19 metres.

A good day we did 22.3 miles in 6 hour 12 min’s of walking plus I managed to get Sally to stop for 25mins (including a pint at the Lamb and Flag  in Welney  a delightful little village)

The worst bit was walking along the top of the dead straight 100ft drain bank. Otherwise a recommended walk for anyone in Cambridge with decent train links to March and Ely.



What ever you do don’t rely on seeing to many signposts. I guess the money must have run out so they are very sparse indeed.



The bridges also leave something to be desired, this one is near to the Nene at TL 46395 99483






 However, there is money for windmills here there is a small farm of 8 turbines on the other side of the Nene.

Reader Comments

  1. Aren’t those Fenland drains something special? My mum likes the Lamb and Flag in Welney, I always drive straigt through it on my way to Wisbech. But if there is heavy rain, then the main road is flooded and there’s a huge detour.

  2. Not sure about the drains being special..but Welney is , for all the swans that gather there,as iam sure you will already know.

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