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Main stream media starts to trust the blogosphere….

A really excellent idea, outlined here, of how The Washington Post intends to make an improved version of a blogroll by:-

A link to members’ blogs will be featured in our Sponsored Blogroll index, giving your writing promotional space on the home page and giving you an introduction to an audience of 8 million readers monthly. At the same time, our hardworking sales reps will help connect your signature musings with the huge number of advertisers we deal with every day who are looking for the next big, slightly-outside-the-mainstream idea.

As a Sponsored Blogroll member, you’ll maintain your independence. But you’ll get additional site traffic, a little buzz and maybe some additional income.

As I say in the comments:-
Sounds a really awesome idea to me. As people who are new to the blogosphere will have a helping hand to decent blogs rather than being put off when they find splogs in random searches. Will be interesting to see how much time they spend weeding the list once they have created it.

So instead of the A list we will now have arguments about how to get on the W list!