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Not so rare – Face Blindness

Interesting site (run by UCL and Harvard) that I came across through Mind Hacks today dealing with Prosopagnosia or face blindness. Results they have produced show that it can affect 2% of the population

This is something that I can certainly relate too “One of the telltale signs of prosopagnosia is great reliance on non-facial information such as hair, gait, clothing, voice, and other
and as anyone who has sat through a film with me can attest “they have trouble following the plot of television shows and movies, because they cannot keep track of the identity of the characters“.

What is interesting is that researchers can now access a much wider range of research subjects than in the past by using sites such as their one, rather than only using people who had suffered some traumatic event, which is not true in my case (as far as I am aware!)

I filled in their form will be interesting to see what happens.