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How to swap a paper clip for a house – Home – Global – Times Online

For those of you reading this article in The Times the link to Kyles website is this

Pretty cool taking:

1 paper clip + 1 free blogger account = 1free house

all within a year, Congratulations to the mayor of Kipling Canada for been so blog savvy (although he should fire his web team for that awful flash fron end!).

Thanks to Nick for the link to The Times story

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  1. Geoff, I did enjoy this post, but I have read it 67 times now, it’s time for a new post, perhaps about France, your Ely walk, your new lodger, anything that takes your fancy.

    Belated birthday greetings too, I’m sorry I was away. I do have a present for you and will play happy birthday on my clarinet for you.

    I have had an email from your Speed Doctor friend in the Alps wanting some advice about his post, I hope I was able to help him.

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