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UK Government IT spending

Extracted from questions asked by Chris Huhne and published on They work for you
Latest figures 2005

Ministry of Transport £244,500,000
Defence £547,672,000 (operating costs) plus £134,466,000 (additions)
Northern Ireland £10,724,000
Dept Culture Media and Sport £64,600,000
Welsh office £176,161.40 (Thats for less than 3m people ie £60 per person on IT alone!)
International Development have no clue as to what they spend
Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) over the last five years is £478,245,262. including £180 million contract with Global Crossing (Note: Global Crossings UK turnover was only £239m)
Duchy of Lancaster £35,756,263
Treasury £3,087,000
Deputy Prime Ministers office £18,108,962
National health service trust expenditure £ 130,037,000 (But apparently the new programme will be £12.4 billion over 10 years, or £206 per person)

That little lot is £1,284,600,277 or about £21 per person in the UK and remember thats just IT expenditure!

And who some of the money went too…
Cabinet Office

Contractor name Total recorded expenditure ‘s (£)
Computacenter 83,969,515
Hewlett-Packard 55,535,729
Atos 40,701,106
Cable and Wireless 26,554,274
Electronic Data Systems 23,952,188

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