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Scoble happy – Bill looking glum

Never realized that Bill Gates would be so crestfallen on the news of Scoble leaving.

So Robert could become a millionaire! According to this story Podtech was valued at $10m a few months ago and coupled with this story “Furrier said. Part of the investment is giving Scoble a significant equity stake of the, which received a $5.5 million round of
funding in March. Furrier and employees still own more than 50 percent of the startup, “
To me a significant stake has to be a few percent so when Bill gets his cheque book out in a few months Robert could walk out with a few million – maybe enough to buy a house. No wonder Bill is looking so unhappy.

Great news that they are setting on Maryam as well. Well done to Robert & Maryam couldnt happen to a better duo.

Thanks to Halley for the BBC link

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  1. It’s great to know that marriages can be made in blogsphere. I think my husband would be happy about it too if it made me a millionaire.

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