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Scoble to Podtech & Podtech to Microsoft?

Great news about Robert Scoble leaving Microsoft to join a start up podcasting outfit Podtech, yep the news crashed their servers! Podtech recently received Series A $5.5million in financing

Its funny, I was only talking to Doc Searls at Reboot saying that I was sure that Robert was about to pack his bags just from the tone of his recent postings.

My bet is that Microsoft will buy Podtech up and get Scoble back into Microsoft. This time at a much higher level in the organisation. Lets hope he’s savvy enough to have stiched up a good stock deal with Podtech. Remember you heard it here first 🙂

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  1. I’m not surprised he left Micrsoft either, though I’m sure he will be missed. Well done for getting the story so quickly.

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