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Chalkface at CHASE

Last night Ian Grove Stepehensen of The Chalkface Project gave an interesting talk at CHASE. These are some notes I made.
Have 400 titles aimed at secondary schools. No new titles now all new stuff is elearning.
Virtual corporation with 4 full time employees.
Started elearning with iamclever then paperless-school written in Java. Current site is yacapaca
Software developed with folks found used Elance. Developers in Kharkov, Yerevan, Barnaul and Calcutta.
Uses Jabber, bugzilla (not pretty but works very well) and now writeboard to communicate with teams.
Main market isnt textbooks (UK value £200m) but marking (£3B)
Experimenting with digital and offshore marking.
essays somewhat easier than marking university level
Mention of e-rater

Some discussion about formative and summative assessments. A bit disappointing that no examples of marked work were shown but overall an interesting talk.

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