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Customer Service

I have decided to evangelise the companies on where I get good service. Todays two shining examples are Samsung and Cambridge Building Society both experiences are after bad service from other companies.

I recently purchased a Samsung ML-1510 laser printer ( after the dire service and costs associated with the Epson C80 and trying to get Smart Cartridges to perform in it) the problem is that it arrived with a squeaky roller! I phoned Samsung on 08702420303 to be quickly put through to a live knowledgable person who gave some hints which didnt work but who promised that the matter would be sorted within two days!

The other example was the renewal of my home insurance with Heath Lambert who have taken over the insurances from the Cambridge Building Society. Heath Lambert have drastically altered the cover (removed Travel cover , Tenant cover etcetc). Went to see Denise Jackson at CBS who immediately contacted their Mark Whitehead to get on the case and promised to call me in next day or so.

Now compare that to Handspring or whatever there current name is. My Treo600 went bad last weekend. The past three times this year when it broke, all you at to do was contact Nuovo in Norwich and it was fixed in 48 hours. Not anymore, in the interests of ‘customer service’ you have to visit the web site to find out that the links are broken! Call the head ffice to be told ‘oh yes we know’ hope to fix it soon. Totally crap service!