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GR5 Days 13 and 14

Chris left me an email in his usual very positive tone reminding me that we had only one day of rain on the PW.

So I left Modane yesterday to find that my head quickly becoming enveloped in thick cloud and dampness. However, arriving at Col de la Vallée Étroite at 8000ft I was confronted by horizontal rain like out of a Hollywood B movie. Two hours later and much thunder and lightening I arrived, like the proverbial drowned rat at the refuge. The kit held up well although the martini by the hot log stove cheered me more.

Today it was more of the same although for some reason it was more siling it down (siling is what happens when water goes through a colinder) I arrived at Plampinet at 11.30 which seemed much to early to stop, even in pouring rain. So I ascended another 3500 feet to Col de la Lauze, past a truly scary looking shepherd (only person I saw out today) to find the sun starting to peep through. Which cheered me up no end.

I pounded down to Montgenérve but in my haste and love of pistes I came down not only in the wrong town but in the wrong country! Arriving at Chaviéres in Italy. So I had to ascend, somewhat crestfallen, the N94 for half an hour or so. To reach, yet another French ski resort, Montgenévre.

So in 14 days away i’ve covered 213miles or about 57% of the total. According to Martin Collins book today should have taken 10.5 hours but in fact took me only 8.5 hours. I’ feeling incredibly fit probably as fit as I was in the sixties when George and I went walking with Fred Heardman on Bleaklow.

So Nice is looking closer all the time and the sunset tonight indicates probably good weather tomorrow.

Ellee I’m pleased that Ian Dale ranks your blog so highly. I’m sure come the next election you will be hitting the mainstream news with

Many thanks for all the emails amd texts all very much appreciated.

By the way all these emails appear on my blog at where you can comment etc.
Cheers and love
and Em I WILL be home before end of month. Xxxxxxxxxx

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