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Enterprising Students in Cambridge UK

Last night I went to Charles Ainger talk on Changing Ideas into reality. Very interesting although one suspects it went a bit over the heads of the students.

Interesting for me was Torberts four part of speech see here.

Also the circular concept of any action Purpose > Thinking > Action > Reflection > Purpose

Importance of credible competitors when dealing with large companies

Don’t be cleverer than your clients (I wonder how do consultants operate?)

The concept of chauffagistes who sell warmth ie they keep your building warm as a service

and about coolth see here

He also mentioned the success of Indiagriline in helping poor farmers communicate directly to markets avoiding ‘corrupt’ middlemen.

Also about how JM got into the car exhaust catalyst market through going direct to political process rather than to car manufacturers

He also touched on different models of enterprise other than conventional plc such as co-ops and helping the folks at the bottom of the pyramid see here.

And when presenting the golden rules:-

Use language audience understands.

Don’t hype

Rely on your enthusiasm

AfterwardsI tried to convince Shamus Husheer of CUE to set up a blog on each of their speakers.