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Nevada Sports and Blogging does work

Sixteen days ago I did a blog post on the Nevada Sports, Les Gets website. A standard (ie poor) Flash jobbie. Prior to my previous post, Nevada Sports didn’t even appear in Google when you entered in Ski Hire or Snowboard hire with Les Gets. Now nick reports:-

[17:29] Nick: have you seen that page you did for nevada?
[17:29] Nick: ski hire les gets – its number 3
[17:29] Nick: snowboard hire les gets – no 1
[17:30] Nick: nevada sports les gets – 2 after his own site
[17:31] Nick: nevada les gets – your no1

Pretty amazing eh! Who needs adwords when even a lowly blogger like myself can zoom sites up the ratings. As for people who design their homepage in Flash IMHO they want their heads examined.

Oh and Nevada Sports in Les Gets are also brilliant for mountain bikes in the summer, Poor Thierry is up till 2 in the morning fixing the damage wrought by the downhill cycling maniacs.

Ehthics – I’m not connected or getting paid by Nevada except for the normal fizzy cider – Thierry gives out to his best customers.

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