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Very bad news for the world of Linux. First Microsoft pay SCO a fortune for a UNIX license followed very smartishly by SCO suing everyone in Linux world for stealing their code (which apparently they never owned!).

Now we hear that Microsoft have just bought GeCad for their anti-virus software. However, it just so happens that GeCAD are very big in Linux server world “GeCAD was one one of the Linux investors (10:42am EST Wed Jun 11 2003)

I don’t know how many of you people know that RAV Antivirus was specializing in Linux Mail Servers protection. Moreover, it seems that they “own” this market, so they became to bother Micro$oft’s plans on the Exchange mail servers side. The rest is to be supposed… – by miucosofonor

So now we know how Microsoft are setting out to try and destroy the Linux community – Lets pray they fail