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Podcasting and The BBC

This is to me is pretty amazing. the BBC has released some figures on his podcasting trials. these have revealed that in Feb 2006 there were 329,888 downloads of the Radio4 programme “Today’s 8.10 interview”. Note that the Radio4 reach is 10million per week (and I would guess a middle aged audience profile) so the podcasts represent quite a significant fraction of total listeners especially given how new podcasting is and what is involved in doing it.
The most downloaded podcast at the BBC was “Best Of Moyles” on Radio1 with 364,265 downloads. The show has a weekly reach of 6.66million listeners.

Thanks to memeorandum and EuroTelCoblog for alerting me.

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  1. Iain Dale has written about podcasing today too. This is something many politicians in The Netherlands used in their recent elections.
    I hope you enjoy your walk today.

  2. Two days ago three different people I met mentioned (without me asking) something they had heard on the Radio 4 podcast. It turned out that all had iPods and were using them more for listening to radio etc than to music. OK, its a tiny sample but clearly there is something happening in this area.

    Personally, I still can’t get into downloading music – I think digital rights management of music downloads is a poor deal for teh consumer. We’ve heard a lot about protecting intellectual property – something that has my endorsement. But where’s the protection for consumers from greedy copyright holders (often not the artist or the creator)?

    That’s where the Beeb is doing a great job via podcasts, as well as the fantastic Beethoven downloads.

    Still meeting up with Tim and Sabrina? I still remember all of us meeting together for he birthday bash.

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