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Philip and his new friend Don came around last night and introduced me to Shazam.

This is a pretty revolutionary new service here in the UK. If you hear a tune on the radio that you really like and want to know what its called etc (Yep, its really frustrating!) then you just dial 2580 (pretty cool number actually its the four centre keys on your mobile going in the direction of the microphone!) point the phone at the loudspeaker. Then bingo 30 secs later you get a SMS (Text message) with singer, track etc. Apparently has a database of 1.6million songs it searches. Incredibly it works! you can then go to their site at to order the song from Amazon. (Captain Marvel fans should go here for SHAZAM history)

You can then register at the site (maximum age on their form is 40 years, so I guess I’m not in target market!). Where you can access all tunes you have tagged and order from Amazon in boring old way. Now wouldnt it be cool to link it to your ipod and download the mp3. Yes the future is exciting