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Cycling again after 40 years……

Its been in my head for a long time to cycle down through France, in fact checking my Quicken I can see that I treated myself to a new bike for £669.98p for my birthday 10 years ago! A bike that has not been used for over 9 years ……

Finally I’ve decided to bike to my ski apartment in Les Gets, not in the winter season 🙂 but in the next few weeks. As the crow flies its 800km or about 500miles. After enduring Peruvian and Ecuadorian driving for the past few weeks I’m pretty well OK with roads now…..

The bike is booked into Howes, on my birthday, in a couple of weeks, to get it into shape, in the mean time I thought I would get myself into shape by doing a bit of training. Here’s today little ride of 21.5 miles cycled at 12.5mph so not bad as a starter 🙂

Watlington to Gayton bike ride

Widget powered by EveryTrail: Share GPS Tracks>Watlington to Gayton bike ride

Blackpool to Edinburgh
Les gets
Dover to Les Gets

In my youth my longest ride in a day (I was about 17/18)was the 200miles from Blackpool to Edinburgh and doing 100mile days was pretty normal at the weekends,  so lets see if the leg muscles have weakened with age.

Back on the Les Gets slopes

Today I managed to get my first 2009 ride on the slopes of Mont Chery.
View from top of La Grande Ourse chairlift

I had to stop for my coffee at the La Grand Ourse restaurant to say Hi to Gary and Theresa. They reported that last week was the first time that the whole Les Gets lift system was running at full capacity! No wonder Kevin was complaining about the queues when they rented the apartment over the New Year. Although, it must be very good news for all the local shops like Nevada Sports who have had a couple of poor years.

I’m here for the next 24 days 🙂 Oh the joy of retirement & owning an apartment in the French Alps!

Sally and the boys are out with me next week followed by my long time friend George and his kids. If you are out here, or want to come over, please twitter or call me.

Promising start to the season..

Its beginning to look good for winter sports in Les Gets, France where my apartment is. Here is the webcam view taken this evening from the tourist office looking towards the apartment.
Snow in Les Gets and guess where we will be next weekend :-) on TwitPic

Currently I have bookings on the following dates:-
26 Dec 2008 to 4 Jan 2009 (KB party of 4)

4 Jan to 31st Jan (GJ various parties)

31st Jan to 7th Feb 2009 (AH party of 6)

16th Feb to 23rd Feb 2009 (CP party of 6)

1st Mar to 8th Mar 2009 (SR party of 4)

11 Mar to 15th Mar 2009 (IH party of 4)

18 Mar to 22 Mar 2009 (PC party of 5)

10th April to 15th April 2009 (KB party of 4)

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