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Finally made it to Samara at 11pm last night. The bus was totally packed with some folks standing for the five and a half hour journey from San Jose. I was wedged in behind some guy who insisted on reclining his seat 🙁
At the bus station I met a young couple from Switzerland who are going to the same school as me, but for 3 weeks..
Eventually my host turned up on a trail bike, so with my rucsac strapped to my back we roared off into the night! Hairy or what 🙁
I have my own one room apartment with kitchen area, shower etc so quite luxuourios although the bed feels very board like.

My hosts are very friendly, but to say there is a language barrier is an understatement, Emily where are you?

Breakfast was lovely fruit and toast with some local cake speciality. Dinner is at 7, should be interesting.

Samara itself is a pleasant seaside resort, I mapped the whole village with my GPS this morning and also walked along the beach – all to try and find an open wifi connection, full marks to Hotel Las Brisas del Pacifico – you will have my trade for the rest of the week 🙂

The weather is much hotter and stickier than San Jose so I’m sure I will be ready for the mountains after a week although maybe I should do the 3 week course here!

Welney visit

Sally has been going on and on about seeing the swan feeding at the Welney Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust 🙂

So today was the chosen, freezing cold,day, we picked up Ellee, in the midst of writing her secret book, and drove out to the hides.

After getting over the shock of paying over £11 for the two of us (Ellee is a member so gets in free) we settled into the freezing cold hide to wait for the midday feed. The moment arrived and er well that was it – a few swans and ducks sailed over as they do when you get the bread out at Newnham playground. But the hordes of migratory swans on the horizon couldn’t have cared less, obviously if you have flown a few hundred miles from the arctic you aren’t going to mingle with the local Hoi polloi.

All a tad disappointing. However, Ellee gave us some delicious home made soup on our return and we had a lovely hot bath at home 🙂 🙂

Visit to Welney Wildfowl and Wetland Trust

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Jim. Sally says please leave the names of the ducks etc in the comments andI will modify the photograph titles.

Finding Heathrow Terminal 5

Don’t expect the Ordnance Survey or any of the other professional mappers to help you in finding Terminal 5 at London’s Heathrow airport.

Yep, you have to rely on Open Street Map. See how the other’s handle it on the opengeodata blog.

Here it is shown copyright free! (Click on map for latest version.)