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Visual Word associations

Just discovered from Adam Pash’s excellent Lifehacker feed this tool for visualizing word meanings. As the Visuwords website says “Look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts. Produce diagrams reminiscent of a neural net. Learn how words associate.”

Cambridge in Visuword

Here is the visual word map for Cambridge clearly showing the two different Cambridges nodes in the UK and USA but with a nice dotted link identifying both as city urban centres and a seperate link showing the two universities. Pretty cool. (Opera is struggling to bring in the jpg from WordPress)

Wrestling with a Leopard

This so called upgrade to the iMac operating is causing me real problems:-

  • The brand new Lexmark X4580 printer failed to work with the 10.5 OS. Fortunately the user forums suggested removing the printers PDE directory.
  • I then discovered that Leopard doesn’t work with Firefox or at least not the drop down menus on the sites that you visit. No cure as yet 🙁
  • Tonight I discovered that Safari and WordPress connive to remove the paragraph formatting when trying to make posts from within WordPress. Now using Opera 🙂
  • The Airport utility is useless . When I try to change wireless networks it fails to see any of the other neyworks in my house.
  • I’ve yet to get it to connect to my Freecom network hard drive.
  • Time Machine trashed my external hard drive when it failed to notice that the drive was full.
  • The provided mouse scroll button has packed up after 8 weeks.

On the bright side:-

  • Yummy ftp client is brilliant.
  • MacSimpleGPS pulls in the data from my Garmin etrex legend easily.
  • The DVDto MP4 converter worked well.
  • The 24″ screen and audio are brilliant.
  • iMovie works well with Youtube.
  • Grab works well.

Or as Philip Dowsett says in The Guardian . “So what should you do if a leopard gets into your house? “Don’t run. They will chase you down like prey. Try to give them an escape route, make loud noises and wave your hands around. I wouldn’t recommend going for the scruff of its neck”

Addendum: Dave Winer is not happy as well

The Leopard and Lexmark

I upgraded my 24″ iMac to Leopard (OSX10.5) all went smoothly. Except for my brand new Lexmark X4580 printer/scanner/reader. The printer refuses to print and even worse crashes the programme that is sending the print. Looking up in Google I found the Apple users forums where another user was having similar problems. Emails to Lexmark were met with such comments as:- From Rathna “Please accept my heartfelt apologies for the problems you are experiencing with your Lexmark product. To the best of my knowledge, there are currently no plans to develop Mac drivers to support this model” & from Ben “Unfortunately we do not have any Leopard drivers available for your printer at this moment in time. We are currently developing them, but I do not have a timescale as to when they will be ready”

Question is whether Ellee’s friends at PC World will honour their PC Performance guarantee and replace the printer with an Epson CX8400 or Canon MX700 which apparently work with Leopard.

Update 2 Nov – I’ve just learnt from the Apple Forums that trashing the printers PDE folder gets the printer working and it did 🙂

Silva Pedometer / Step counter Instruction Setup

For those that are like me and can never find instruction manuals. Here is the setup sheet for the Silva Step Counter (56012) , Pedometer (56013) and Pedometer Plus (56014). Click on the image to get the full size.

I’m now on my third one. The internal pendulum seems to only last a million steps, which for me is about a years walking or a stroll down The Camino from SJPP to Santiago de Compostella.

Other than that they are very reliable and good value. Important usage information :-

  • Always attach to your belt with a lanyard (latest models have a small hole to thread a cord through).
  • If they get wet, the displays stops working. However, they still count OK – just put near a radiator and the display will start up again.

Happy walking – they are surprisingly accurate when compared to a GPS typically to better than 1%