Valencia to Chinchilla de Mont Aragon Lifeday 25,307

1-2016-11-08-14-18-52Apologies for the 22 day hiatus due to my very pleasurable weekend with all the family in Skeggie, so enjoyable I booked it for next year too. A first 🙂
Plus a week of the time was pleasurably spent introducing Sally to the delights of biking around Ibiza 🙂

Yesterday I started my tour again from Valencia,and its excellent  Hotel Valencia Center, I liked it so much I stayed a couple of days extra after dropping Sally of at Valencia airport.  In fact I could easily see me returning for longer 🙂

It was a very tough day too, with a huge climb according to Strava of 6,423 feet over 67 miles with a wind direct from the West and yes I was heading West 🙁  It was cold too and I was dressed for the sun not high altitudes :-(. Finally arriving at the delightful Hotel Jalance with it’s very steep driveway 🙁 frozen and totally wrecked.

This morning I dressed in every bit of cycling clothes that I had, the wind continued and perhaps I should have stayed, that’s the problem with booking a hotel the night before 🙁

The day was pretty murderous climbing up to 3,000 feet and then, due to the strength of the  wind, having to pedal down the hills in a low gear 🙁
The day finally ended with a climb, as the name suggests, to Chinchilla de MONT Aragon and the freezing cold bedroom at El Volante with it’s very tepid warm water shower (I didn’t bother as I would never have warmed up again 🙁 You can view the Strava here.

I think I will be sleeping in my clothes but I guess for €25 what else do you expect. My slowest average speed ever according to Strava of 8mph and not a speck of sun all day.

A visit to Formentera. Life day’s 25,284, 25,285

The end of the road! Most southerly point in The Baleraics

The end of the road! Most southerly point in The Baleraics

I’m writing this back in Ibiza Town having just spent a couple of nights on the smallest of the big four Balearic Islands, Formentera.

The island itself is nothing remarkable, although it’s famed for its clear water & beaches which are reasonably impressive. The biking consists of riding to each of the lighthouses and around the lake. A grand total of 36 miles and 1500 ft of climbing 🙂 So not a big island 🙂 Although with an MTB you could do more. It must be chaotic in the summer seeing the literally hundreds of mopeds & bikes waiting to be rented when the ferries come in.

The Beach

The Beach

I stayed at the Hostal Bon Sol in San Ferrán de ses Roques a pleasant hostel whose main misfortune is to be adjacent to the huge street cafe outside 🙁  The other omission is no chair & desk in the room hence the delay in this post.

It was pouring it down when I left this morning so another good test for the iPhone 7 it seems to survive although once the screen is covered in water the touch bit suffers and occasionally the phone thinks the rain is me touching it.

The Moves app conking out

The Moves app conking out

The is really suffering on the iPhone 7 suddenly turning itself off for varying lengths of time. I think it’s a memory problem 🙁 although why it’s so much worse on the new phone and OS who knows.

There are a few pics on Dropbox here


Touring Ibiza – Lifeday 25,281

Cala Vedella

Cala Vedella

Oh dear lost track of which touring day I’m on 🙂 Senility is creeping in and anyway does it really matter?

I’m now doing a very leisurely tour of Ibiza. The island is  about 100 miles around and I have a week before I have to jet back to the UK to take my whole family, 4 grandkids, 3 kids and 3 spouses plus Sally & I,  to Butlins for a fun filled half term break.

I’m going clockwise from Ibiza Town which actually in Spanish is called Elvissa. The first stop was at San Antoni which is the second town of Ibiza & famous for its sunsets. With the British its famous for the Irish Bar  and other home comforts like Bacon & Egg breakfasts with beer, totally different atmosphere to the more dignified Ibiza Town. For me the most awesome thing was having a true 50MB Down & Up internet at Hostal Mari where I stayed 🙂 I enjoyed the ride, the road was in excellent condition but quite hilly. Strava made it 2384 feet of climbing in 30 miles

Yesterday it was a 800 foot  climb straight out of San Antoni on my way to the northern tip of the island at Portinatx with a total of 3143 feet in the 27 miles. I dropped down to Port de San Miguel to get in some more climbing and take a peek at another bay. The roads were good and pretty empty. In Portinatx I had booked into an ‘all inclusive’ Apartamentos Club Paradise Beach. A bit dated place with a pretty rubbish internet connection, especially with 50+ teenagers hanging off it.  It must have been a gorgeous cove in the past, think I’m about 50 years late visiting here.

The photos are here now I’ve sorted dropbox out

Day 27 & 28 Tercel to Valencia and boat to Ibiza

Valencian Oranges

Valencian Oranges

I left Complejo Touristico La Pinada at just before 9am after breakfast. It was a fast ride down to the coast through the gorgeously scented orange groves, the small oranges are a bit sharp to eat 🙂 Valencia seems to starts miles away and has a complex series of bike paths so it was well over an hour before I finally I reached the “Do You Bike” shop.

The guy in the shop said he would replace the spoke whilst I had a coffee across the road unfortunately he didn’t have a spoke the right length 🙁 However, I’ve been carrying a spare spoke for years so one coffee later the job was done 🙂

Next on the agenda was a ferry ticket, so I biked down to the Trasmediterranea terminal to get a ferry.They had one sailing at 10pm reaching Ibiza at 5am unwisely I didn’t book a cabin 🙁

Next job was to find the closest hotel to the terminal as I will be returning with Sally (no Easyjet/Ryanair flights from Ibiza in November) so she will have to return to the UK from the mainland. The hotel closest to the port is hotel Marina Atarazanas so I booked a room for us on, the receptionist said it was cheaper that way.

I then spent some time biking around the transport terminals of Valencia to see if there is any  straightforward way of getting to the Castellon Airport, simple answer is no. Anyway I then discovered that Ryanair also flies from the main Valencia airport with its 15min bus service to the city centre! A wasted 30 minutes on the Ryanair chatline now means that Sally can either fly from Castellon in the morning or Valencia in the late evening 🙂

After all that a visit to the beach was called for and a drink to while away the time before the ferry, Fascinating fact that n Valencia there are several  river bridges which no longer cross a river. How weird.

The crossing was smooth but my sleep certainly wasn’t I arrived at 5am to a deserted town, feeling wrecked. I rode around and eventually found the catamaran terminal had a coffee shop 🙂 At 9am I thought I would give the Hotel Lai IBZ a try, amazingly they let me have my room, a quick shower and I was asleep 🙂

Later I explored the old town which is really very pleasant and I found an ironmongers shop as well to get a bolt for my light plus finding Can Manola a bike rental place so Sally can rent a bike when she is over later this month.

The place is winding down for the end of season but I discovered Pacha had a gig on starting at midnight so I bought an amazingly expensive ticket and went to bed again 🙂

Not exactly rammed

Not exactly rammed

The gig itself was disappointing, one thing I can’t stand are bad sound systems, having spent my youth building power amps and sand filled loudspeaker enclosures I just hate resonances when the ceiling starts rattling and putting stuff on loudspeakers so they rattle is just awful. The drinks are a staggering price too. No wonder Pacha own hotels & retail stores.

So after 48 hours I finally went to bed at 3am 🙂

The 18.6 miles to Valencia is on Strava here

A few pics are on Dropbox here

Still trying to work out how to get past heart rate data 🙁