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A walk along The Cam

Today the Cambridge Rambling Club’s A team were having an away weekend, Neither Sally or I fancied a 10mile walk with the B team – mainly because of the agonising long lunchbreaks 🙂

So we made a quick ramble to Ely on the Fen Rivers Way  our walk of the day! It was 16 miles which we comfortably did in 5 hours at a moving pace of 3.5mph. Twas a gorgeous day with spring not to far away now – we didn’t even get our boots muddy!

Due to it been Mothering Sunday, Sally was treated to tea & scones at The Peacock in Ely, we avoided the queues by having ours outside 🙂 The scones were almost as good as The Orchard at Grantchester (slightly less fruity I thought)

The route is much improved now with only a couple of stiles  the rest been replaced with the metal kissing gates. I can really recommend it for anyone who is wanting a nice easy day out.

Oh and we now have an additional 1.7miles tagged onto the end of the walk – from Cambridge Rail station to my new abode.

Here is the Everytrail:-

Fen River Way – Cambridge to Ely

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  1. A beautiful sunny day… a great walk , great company and treated to tea and scones aswell , what more could a girl want 🙂

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