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Big heads and family history

One of the curses of my life is being born with a big head, I need a size 60 or 738 hat and buying glasses is a nightmare requiring an extended temple length.

Today I discovered the real meaning of ‘pollard’ according to Pollard is a “nickname for a person with a large or unusually shaped
head, from Middle English poll ‘head’ (Middle Low German
polle ‘(top of the) head’) + the pejorative suffix
-ard.” Which is obviously why the name is also given to pruning willow trees where a distinctive large crown is produced.

So I obviously have all those Heage Pollard’s to blame 🙂

The things I learn….

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  1. Oooh, 7 3/4, snap 🙂 I’ve never had special glasses, yet, though. My Mum always used to tell me my head was/is cone-shaped, and people had to knit me special bonnets when I was a baby. I have not found any way of assessing conicalness more recently though, other than finding that many hats do not work.

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