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Yes Minister in real life…

What ever would Humphrey in Yes Minister make about Post Office closures:-

“One of the organisations opining extensively on this issue (Post Office Closures) is Post Watch. And the way they talk, you imagine they are an independent consumer champion, particularly since that’s the way they’re introduced on the media. But in reality they’re not independent in the slightest degree. They are yet another government quango, fully funded by taxpayers and reporting to, yes, the Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform. The self-same department that is responsible for the Post Office. What a farce. And what a complete waste of £10m pa. “

Thanks to Wat Tyler for the above.

One of the things that I cannot help noticing when walking in France is that the local post office is often found in a combined bar, cafe, village shop & council meeting room for the local commune how much saner is that!

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  1. Your right Geoff…what an utter farce..this government is a total rip off….

    How can other countries get it so right…

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