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Winter stroll

After Em’s 18th birthday festivities we managed a late start for our first Cambridge walk of 2008 this morning in glorious sunshine.

We set off (with no provisions rucksacs etc) along Grantchester meadows snapped a couple of fine pictures of the church, although the clock is working now 🙁 The Rupert Brook pub sign however, shows the clock stuck at quarter to three, We then headed across the fields to Haslingfield where we watered at The Little Rose, which reminded us both of a working mans club! With an excellent 20p in the slot meter made by Heatvend, so that the smokers can keep their heads warm in the shed outside!

Then along the bridleway to Hauxton to see the Old mill and the demolition of the old pesticide factory which no doubt will soon contain executive homes overlooking the river. Past Hauxton church and into the Shelfords we then came back into town along the rather fine new footpath/cycleway from Great Shelford to Addenbrookes (although be careful of speeding cyclists) The footpath is interesting as its ends are marked with stainless steel spirals representing the double helix whilst the path itself has one mile of stripes to represent the structure of the human gene BRCA

Total distance about 11miles. The walk is suitable for pushchairs etc and has only a few small sections which are muddy. Lots of pubs on the way 🙂

A new idea of showing todays piccies is with the embedded Picasa player:-

Reader Comments

  1. What a wonderful walk, shame it wasn’t a threesome, though I don’t like playing gooseberry!
    And the Picasa link is very very impressive.
    I went to Harston today, so drove by these lovely places, but a good stretch would have been preferred.

  2. See you called into the Little Rose. Haslingfield..not much of a pub but it gets used a lot. My brother lives just round the back of it.

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