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Embedding Innovations..

For the Embedding Innovation series at Anglia Ruskin University I gave a two hour presentation on social media focusing on how blogging can help small enterprises and introducing them to such concepts as Twitter and Facebook . I made a simple slide show which is now on Slideshare .

I had previously looked at the participants websites using Poodle Predictor so the presentation came alive when their websites popped up on the screen (Thanks Euan for the Scrapbook recommendation). I showed a direct comparison between what the Google crawler sees and what is served up to the end user for a couple of their websites (see the slides above).
After the event I created a WordPress site for my favourite Cambridge Cafe, one of the delegates, Lingling from Le Gros Franck, which I would love to turn into a real social media experience, so that the daily specials can be twittered etc.

Many thanks to Robert Jones of ARU & Philip for getting me the gig. Interestingly this is the first time I have been paid an hourly rate for about 25 years! So a bit of an innovation for me.

Delegates at Embedding Innovation at Anglia Ruskin University

Reader Comments

  1. An inspiring talk which we all found fascinating and useful. I hope that it is the start of a new career. This evening I went to presentation by companies talking about what they thought were large markets. The problem is that when you have had your eyes opened by Geoff to a large market like social software, everything else is not exciting.

  2. Geoff, your talk was really interesting and got me excited about putting my coaching tools and network marketing business out there for people to access. You make it all sound so simple and I look forward to meeting up soon so that we can get something up and running. Many thanks again!

  3. I love the picture of you all with Geoff’s blog displayed in the background… very cool.
    I also know how hard he worked on this talk so I am real pleased it went down so well.

  4. Great presentation Geoff, thank you.

    Will contact you again shortly to talk to our Fast Forward student enterprise network at Anglia Ruskin.

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